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  1. I’d love to attend CHE training. As a bivocational pastor, it’s hard to get away for a week. Are there any weekend trainings?

    • Hi

      Once we get something started in a city like Nashville there is segmented trainings of a series of 7 Saturdays speaed over 24 months. You learn which is the first step on a staurday and then apply wat you learn for the next 3 to 6 months.

      The key is to get some key people who can do the training in your sity

      Stan Rowland

  2. Hi,

    Can you tell me what the schedule is for urban CHE training? Any training happening close to Calgary Alberta Canada?

    • Hi Steve
      Nothing planned up your way. Possibly one in southern Georgia. Be a split one over two weekends in Greeley Colorado in April


      • Sharon Seeberger

        Hi Stan, I just noticed you had led a book course on Equip with your book last year. Do you plan to do that again? I have several people (San Francisco area) who would likely join. If so please put me on a list of people to tell.

  3. Hello, Stan. I’m excited to begin implementing CHE in Ségou, Mali, the country’s third-largest city. We are a church-planting team tasked with reaching this city where we currently have no missionaries from our organization. We have immense support to use non-traditional methods, both from our organization and from our Malian counterpart denomination, with whom we are partnering. We also will likely be loosely working with a missionary in our organization’s “development branch” (though the lines are quite blurred now in our organization), who will mostly just be stationed in the same city but working in the surrounding villages using the rural CHE methods. My question is this: can you put me in touch with any teams who are implementing both urban and rural CHE or do you have any advice on how best to marry to two endeavors? Knowing that villagers move to cities and city-dwellers return to villages frequently, the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and practices amongst these two groups is something we want to really utilize. Thank you!

  4. Hi Stan
    Can you put me on your email list so I receive your blog?
    Blessings Curt suncompassionla@gmail.com

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